thank you Western North Carolina!

Barbie Angell

I know I’ve been behind on updating my website, so allow me to catch you up on a few things….

seriously....thank you.

One: Thank you to everyone who voted for me as a Mountain Xpress “Best of WNC” social media personality. This is my first time being a winner in this category and, since I predominantly use Twitter and Facebook to make people laugh, it’s an immeasurable honor….although I may ask one of my mathematically inclined followers to try to measure it anyway.

B: My thanks also to everyone who has helped me spread the word about my book of children’s poetry, Roasting Questions. I am still looking for local stores who would like to carry it, but it is now on Amazon and

Thirdly: I have mad love for the schools in the area who asked me to come do workshops and perform this Spring. Emma Elementary, Hall Fletcher and ArtSpace were all completely lovely to work with. I hope to expand to more schools in the future.

16: I am trying to do a small book tour in Illinois at the beginning of October. I am already booked for Friday the 4th in Joliet, but would love to know if you could help me get more gigs while I’m back home for a week or so. Please email me at if you would like to help….or are eager to have me crash on your couch.

Thank you again for everything. My community has been so very supportive of me as a non-typical poet with a bizarre wardrobe….and that is why I love what I do.

big hugs,


ps….i’m told that is still down & my publisher is working on it. if you’d like to read the book, please visit

I do have a little “Get Barbie back to Normal” button at the top left of my site….if you just have too much money in your bank account and would like to help me get home for this tour.
; )

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