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Thank You

Thank you for not calling me again.
It seems like it’s been an eternity
since I didn’t hear from you.
People have said I’m getting paranoid,
but I was really starting to worry.
It seems that every day
there’s a message on my machine,
until today….
there it was….
no one had called….
and I knew it must have been you.
And I was truly happy.
Then this afternoon
the doorbell didn’t ring
and I realized it was you
not stopping by.
It gave me hope.
I thought you had forgotten I even existed.
But then tonite
when you didn’t show up
for the date we never made
I realized you must still care….


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  1. Clarissa
    posted on Dec 28, 2009 at 5:27 PM  |  

    OK So your starting to get to know me to well just by my facebook posts I take it. LOL Loved it!

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