valentine’s poems….

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A Valentine. 

September leaves…. 

August moon…. 

July heat…. 

Weddings in June…. 

May flowers…. 

April’s ducks…. 

March winds blow…. 

February sucks…. 


I’ve bumped into Truth and talked to God. 

I’ve made Chaos my best friend. 

Passed Time with Fate while Confusion laughed 

and Society spoke of our end. 

But the first time I ran into Love, 

it was a special kind of pain. 

Like a searing, sweet cacophony, 

with a bitter, sharp refrain. 

I’ve know the type of Careless Love 

Dylan sings of in his songs. 

Reminiscent of an avalanche, 

‘cause it comes on swift and strong. 

I’ve felt the sweetness of a crush 

and the torture of Love’s tears. 

And even the nitemare relationships 

that left me with chilling fears. 

To fall into Love and never land 

is everyone’s greatest wish. 

To live in every tiny touch. 

To linger in each kiss. 

I once passed Love on a beaten path, 

and once on a darkened street. 

But the kind of Love I dream about, 

I have yet to ever meet. 

I’m sure I’ll know him at first glance, 

all smiles and old corduroys. 

I’ll know him the moment my heart stops, 

not by his face, just by his poise. 

And he’ll ask me champagne questions, 

and he’ll melt in with my dreams. 

Wanting only to live in the magic. 

Content to remain there with me.


Super Lennon.


His eyes change with smiles

and the hues of his clothes,

and just why he loves me

I guess only he knows.


His laugh is kinetic

throwing sparks in the air,

as he spins and he twists

like the curls of his hair.


My small super hero,

he saves every day,

with a grin and a giggle

in a moment of play.


I savor the second

he came into my world….


He may not always get candy,

but he does get the girl.


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