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the historical first blog….

Photos of Barbie Angell by Rodney Smith - Tempus Fugit Design © 2013

so here it is. my first blog. so much pressure. i’m sure there are thousands of people who have been compulsively checking my website every half an hour or so just to see if anything new has been posted. okay, maybe not thousands, maybe just 3 people. me, my mom and some guy who hopes that this page will be some cutting edge porn site. sorry man, no porn.
(crap, crushed his little tiny dreams now, didn’t i?)

the “no porn” declaration has now cost me several web browsers, but i shall move on as if they had never stumbled across this page in the first place. i suppose that i should probably let you, the reader, know what types of words will be in your future if you decide to continue visiting this site. first, and this is important, some of the words may rhyme with other words. i know, a little scary to encounter, poetry that rhymes. however, lyrics to songs are really rhyming poems set to music. that being said, i feel better, don’t you? in addition, i do also write short stories and free verse so i think that will help us all to get along nicely. second, i plan to write something for this blog every day. this means that you can come here and read some new words and strange ideas pretty often. unless, of course, i get a seriously bad splinter and am unable to type. let’s not even contemplate that right now, it’s just too horrible to imagine. lastly, this site will be getting new poetry, new pictures, new videos and new audio tracks as quickly as my webmaster is able to post them. this is fabulous because i had originally intended to travel the world looking for people who might be interested in my writing and drawings and then copying everything down for them one person at a time. this whole website thing is going to save a lot of trees and a great deal of my time.

i am going to have to close this cute little blog window now since it appears there is a draft coming into my writing room. please keep checking back on the website for new and hopefully entertaining things that may fall onto my keyboard at any given moment.

thank you! barbie angell.

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