tea party….

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i suppose that i should post this poem since i spoke about doing a video for it….it has been revamped over the years. i like the new version a great deal more than the old one. i’m really looking forward to doing the video, it’s only in my head right now, but it is pretty sweet. : )

Tea Party

Welcome to my shell.
Please make yourself at home.
Hang your coat on my Insecurity.
Set your hat on that dusty old phone.
Wipe your feet on my Self-Esteem,
it’s lying in front of the door.
Sorry I can’t show you my Beauty,
I forgot to pick it up at the store.

There’s some Sanity there on the table….
not much, but take what’s left.
I’d show you my heart, but it’s out for repairs,
minor damage by my last guest.
Could you please hold this Grudge for a moment
while I check on the cake of Despair?
And let me know if you’re feeling cold,
I have plenty of Shame you can wear.

There’s fresh Wishes in the cookie jar,
I made them myself last nite,
or I can brew up a pot of Bitterness,
if you’re more in the mood for a fight.

I can’t offer intelligent chatter,
my Brain died while I was in school.
But if you’re hurting for some entertainment,
I’d be more than happy to play the fool.

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