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Roasting Questions

Welcome to the world of barbie angell.

Welcome to the world of Barbie Angell, a place where dreams are stitched and happiness can be a friend. Written and illustrated by one of Asheville’s most beloved real-life poets, ROASTING QUESTIONS calls on the imagination of all who enter.

“Barbie’s poems are reminiscent of Shel Silverstein, but totally unique to her sensibility. They are infused with a bright spirit, a heart that seeks and explores, and a gentle insight. Even though the poems are about the gamut of human emotions and the subtle twists of perspective that happen with repeated experience, her words are never proselytizing or lofty. Her ‘anthropomorphizing’ of feelings (‘irony tastes like fudge’) is quirky and engaging. I imagine children and adults both will revel in her work—both her poetry and her wonderful drawings”

“Art is about oblique angles — seeing things in ways we’ve never seen them before. Barbie has a gift for that, and this book is a generous invitation to the rest of us to climb inside her quirky head for a delightful ride.”

Barbie is donating a portion of the proceeds to Mooseheart Child City in Mooseheart, Illinois, with her love and gratitude to the men and women of the Moose.

If you prefer to buy the book locally it is available at:

This book can also be ordered through your local bookstore!