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Righting Wrongs & Wronging Writes….

Photos of Barbie Angell by Rodney Smith - Tempus Fugit Design © 2013
nite by candlelite.

The words fall from my pen
and yet they make no sense.
The syntax is a jumbled mess,
I’ve lost the present tense.

The rhymes are all approximate.
The images contrived.
I was a fool to ever let
my conscience be my guide.

The coffee stirs up memories
and dreams I’ve tucked away.
I know I seem quite unaware
of the distance I survey.

I’m really not oblivious.
I see all my mistakes.
All the many ways I’ve given,
all the miles which you take.

Immersed within my headphones,
music breathes inside my ears.
The ink’s the blood of nonsense
and stagnant, subtle fears.

So I gather up my notebooks
and my newly battered pen.
I’d like to say I’m finished,
but I never could begin.

written by barbie angell.
october 21st, 2011.

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6 Responses

  1. Barbie: I’ve read this a few times, & it gets better each time I go thru it. Your best poems always suggest more than they tell, & I’d say this one does that well (a rhyming comment!); there is a clear sense of narrative below the surface, & seeing the glimpses when that narrative becomes more & less clear make the poem a delight. & of course you always handle the rhyme & meter so well!

    1. thank you. : ) yes, there are a lot of hidden meanings inside this piece….they are so woven inside of it that i don’t think more than one or two people could guess at even half of them. for a poem which claims to be so badly written, i’m rather proud of how it turned out. my first draft was yesterday and i changed one word back and forth 3 times today before settling on the second option.

      i’ve only read it aloud a few times, but i think this one will become a staple at my shows. i’m so happy you thoroughly enjoyed it, that means a great deal to me. : ) thank you again.

  2. Interesting about the hidden meanings–but the great thing is that as a reader, I don’t get the sense of hidden meanings per se, but instead of a narrative under the surface–not like I feel I need a key, in other words. I never feel I need that with your poems, & that is a good thing : )

    1. *curtsies* thank you. : ) while i was writing, i looked up and found myself surprised not to be sitting in front of the coffeehouse in normal. it was rather odd. i didn’t read it aloud until after it was finished, so i was surprised at how much i liked the way it sounded too.

      thanks again sweetie. : )

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