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poetry gifts of 2011.

Photos of Barbie Angell by Rodney Smith - Tempus Fugit Design © 2013

Since I can’t write each of you a poem for Christmas, I thought I’d share some of the pieces I’ve written for other people this year….I hope it’s not too cheap a gift, but I am a struggling writer after all.  : )

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, or have ever met me in real life, then you know how much I adore Greg & Ashley Garrison, the owners of Hop Ice Cream & The Hop West in Asheville, NC.   When I started drawing illustrations for my upcoming children’s book, I was inspired to do something for them as well.  If this doesn’t entice you to go visit Hop Ice Cream for yourself, then I haven’t done them justice.

Let’s Go To The Hop.

Photo by Tracie Acreman and Christmas editing by Wendy Lou.

Enter a world of delight,
where vegetables taste like treats.
Waffle cone-scented happiness.
The atmosphere drizzled in sweets.

A place where caramel is salted
and spinach can be an ice cream.
Sorbet, almond milk or chocolate,
every scoop is a bite of a dream.

The flavors are always homemade.
Each cake has a filling of love.
A family-friendly community,
that should be covered in fudge.

Free music rebounds off the walls.
Magic and poetry breathe.
All that is whimsical calls….
Just one nibble and you will believe.

My vision of Hop Ice Cream.

*** Hop Ice Cream & The Hop West are active on Twitter & Facebook.  Follow and “Like” them for event info & all their phenomenal ice cream flavors.***

My friend Wendy Lou was given another poem this year.   I wrote one for her about a year ago, which was quintessentially her.  However, I thought it might be fun to use her name in one of my children’s pieces.  About 3 hours after I had that thought, the poem was done.  I sent it over to my friend Catherine Wells & she gave it a quick & ingenious edit.  It was so perfect that I had to keep her changes.  Anytime this piece is published, she will be credited for her assistance.  While this was intended to merely use Wendy Lou’s name, I do believe it carries the essence of her as well.

Wendy Lou.

Wendy Lou will stitch your Dreams,
a dollar at a time.
Make sure you get there early,
there’s always quite a line.

For 50 cents she’ll make repairs,
or you can start from scratch.
She barters if you need to
but of course there is a catch.

You have to bring your Wishes.
You must trade in your Fears.
Strong Dreams are made with Kisses,
she’ll even take your tears.

So make a Dream for you
or to give to someone else.
Just take your Hopes to Wendy Lou….
‘Cause Dreams can’t make themselves.

Speaking of the lovely Catherine Wells, she also received a poem from me this year.  Catherine’s former Twitter name was “verybadcat13″….hence the “very bad” line in this piece.  She is a wonderful friend & an incomparable writer.  But don’t take my word for it, I’m certain that after reading anything on her website, you’ll be an admirer of her work as well.

Catherine Wells.

I hate to topple your tables,
but “Very Bad” is a relative term.
Her wit will slice through your cables,
her Faith must always be earned.
A Grace of unenhanced Beauty.
A Voice quite alive in her Pen.
Her shoulder is always on duty,
to care for the Hearts of her friends.

This last piece was written for a very wonderful man I met through Wendy Lou.  His name is Tres & when we met he was in the back seat of her car.  I was in the front seat & could barely hear him over the radio & open windows.  From our first misunderstood sentence of “That’s so Amish” I knew he was someone worth knowing.  Our friendship has flourished on Twitter & Facebook and he is one of the first people I showed my new artwork to.  Such a sweet & genuine person….I am fortunate to know him.

that’s so amish….


a witty voice i strained to hear.
odd circumstance which brought you near.
talk of amish & silly jokes.
worth the effort for words you spoke.
now i must “like” the things you say.
since we speak in keyboards every day.
i offer up hugs in the digital world
for you rarely see this poet girl.
and so i write these words for you
and hope you find a piece of truth.
sometime soon we’ll meet again….
and be far more than facebook friends.

That’s all for now.   Have a happy holiday and, as always, thanks for playing.

: )  barbie.

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    1. thank you so very much. : ) i really enjoyed drawing the picture for the hop. i stopped in the middle & wrote down the poem….i think that’s a good sign.

    1. thank you joseph. : ) i’m so glad you enjoyed them. i plan to make the phrase “that’s so amish” popular around the globe. i’m happy you liked wendy lou’s poem too. children’s poetry is so tricky.

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“Barbie Angell Uncensored” is a dazzling fusion
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ASHEVILLE NC – Poet, playwright and raconteur Barbie Angell performs “Barbie Angell Uncensored: An Unfiltered, Uninhibited and Unapologetic Event” at 8pm Wednesday, March 27, 2024, at LaZoom Bar & Gorilla. The 90-minute show is a melange of works spanning Angell’s career, including her poetry, excerpts from her autobiographical play “Death by Sparkle,” pieces from her children’s book “Roasting Questions,” and rarely performed mature works.

A multitalented, multi-hyphenate personality based in Asheville since 1999, the always colorful Angell is recognized around town for her work as a poet, playwright, columnist, emcee, artist and fashion designer. She has been voted “Best of WNC” poet by Mountain XPress readers for 10 consecutive years, and her skills as an emcee have made her a sought-after host for local festivals and large events such as Planned Parenthood’s Condom Couture and the Reproductive Rights Rally. 

Angell has written sketch comedy, co-authored “The Kids Show: Definitely Not for Kids,” and penned one act of “Grimm’s Fairy Tales” for Montford Park Player. She is currently creating and selling upcycled clothing in her own fun and funky signature style – some of which will be available for sale at the event, along with original artwork and prints.

Equal parts stand-up comedy, poetry slam and public confession booth, “Barbie Angell Uncensored” promises to be emotional, unsettling, hilarious, and as unique as Barbie Angell herself!

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