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Photos of Barbie Angell by Rodney Smith - Tempus Fugit Design © 2013

last nite i performed at the courtyard gallery. a really good set too. unfortunately, it won’t be podcast. : ( that’s okay. i’m still just trying to get myself back up to “show” standards. i’ve been trying to look at my writing from a new perspective. more theatrical. i’ve been thinking of pieces more in terms of how they’d look as visual stories. i’m certain that’s because i am now going to have the opportunity to shoot videos for some of them. we’re shooting a video for “one question” tomorrow and may be doing another one this weekend as well for the poem “tea party”.

i realize that this blog is more informative and less humorous than my others, but i guess it’s because i have a lot on my mind and i’m just not feeling too well. (note to self, chuck e. cheese food is really just for kids.)

hopefully, after these videos are shot, we’ll be getting the rest of my website filled in. the artwork, the bio, the photos, and, of course, the writing. i’ve just been overworking my P.R. guy, travis. if you get a chance, check out the first blog on this site. it has a spot that says, “this is what a link looks like”. that’s travis’ link. there’s some very cool stuff there.

anyway, just one more thing and i’ll be calling it a nite. the two pictures on the main page that look sort of like skeletons, those aren’t my drawings. there’s going to be a feature on there so that when you pass the mouse over the artwork it will list the artist’s name. it’s not up that way yet. those drawings were done, of me, by david skeleton. he’s a very talented man and really deserves to have the credit for his wonderful and imaginative work.

sorry for the rambling, run-on sentences, but i’m in a rambling, run-on sentence kind of mood. i assure you that i will bring you far more intere

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  1. Tea Party. I do recall loving that one (or at least misredmember). Your writing has always seemed inherently theatrical. Can’t wait to take a look at some video sessions!

    I too very much enjoy the artwork of David Skeleton. Wish I still had that print I lost…

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