new poem/song. “major renovations….”

Photos of Barbie Angell by Rodney Smith - Tempus Fugit Design © 2013
this was actually written as a song, but i don’t write music….yet.  : ) i’m open to ideas & revamps if anyone wants to work on this with me.

major renovations….

another visit to the doctor,

he assures me i will mend.

another phone call from my preacher

while i smile and pretend.

another misstep in my dreamscape

and i slip back to the past.

another memory meshed with cobwebs….

another love that couldn’t last.

another taxi to a new bar

with friends who buy another round.

another vacant understanding,

my heart is screaming without sound.


another splintered promise.

another fractured dream.

another architect is hired….

constructing who i want to be.


another truckload full of bandages

absent prayers and desperate screams,

and the contractor is overwhelmed

constructing who i want to be.

another semblance of a pretense.

another white knight lets me down.

the barren landscape of my future,

“i love you’s” littering the ground.

and then the truth electrifies me,

it leaves me shaking where i stand….

no construction crew can help me,

i need to trust in who i am.

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