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my upcoming children’s poetry book….

Photos of Barbie Angell by Rodney Smith - Tempus Fugit Design © 2013

You may or may not have heard yet, but I have a book due out this spring.  Grateful Steps Publishing in Asheville, NC contacted me a few months ago about my poetry.  Since then we’ve been working diligently on producing my first book of children’s poetry & illustrations.

"poet barbie."

The book is still untitled, so I’m currently calling it “The White Album” in reference to The Beatles’ LP.  There are some revamped older pieces included and many new ones.  There are also quite a few new illustrations.  As I don’t really consider myself much of an artist, that has been the most difficult aspect of this collection.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised to discover that my artwork has been well-received so far by those who have seen it.

Please feel free to comment on the Issuu site.  So many of you have expressed an interest in my book and I would like to involve my online community as much as possible with many aspects of this book.

Thank you for your interest and, as always….thanks for playing. : )


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  1. Not much of an artist–I beg to differ! But yes, the book is great & being able to interact with it on issu is fun & interesting–that for the comment of other folks who check out the post. As you know, Barbie, you have all my best wishes & support : )

    1. thanks. : ) i think i always compare myself to my brother, sister & brother-in-law, they’re all so brilliant at drawing. i’ve only been doing it for about 7 years, but not steadily. i appreciate your unending support….it’s like a bottomless well that is never out of order.

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