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my poem for Jerry Dellinger….

Photos of Barbie Angell by Rodney Smith - Tempus Fugit Design © 2013

i guess i had more brain cleaning to do….and so here’s a poem to sum up today’s thoughts….

disorganized brilliance.

i am caught up in a breath
and it’s measuring the depth
of the circus flying ‘round inside my mind.

i am lost among the crowd
and my thoughts are just a shroud
to protect me from the pointed hands of time.

i remember long ago
when my world was all a show,
the stage would breathe a magic through the air.

while the sets would strike & change,
and we’d all use other names,
the chaos was in lovely disrepair.

here’s a last thought from the writer,
you made my life appear much brighter.
you lit it like you would a morning sun.

with a smile in your eyes,
i will imagine your good-bye
and know that your work will never be undone.

written for Jerry Dellinger.
august 4th, 2010.

by barbie dockstader angell.
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2 Responses

    1. thank you. i can only imagine that Jerry will continue to find his way into my work for years to come. he inspired so many of my pieces with our conversations, always telling me when i had a good line or concept. then again, he is the reason i became a writer. when i achieve literary world domination it will be because of him.

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