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i’m going to have to find the original for this poem.
i know i’m close on this, but it was written in 1992 and i think that i’ve forgotten a little of it.
anyway, it written for my neice, cammi….
her birth name was….cassandra.

you fought your way into this world,
you fought for life.

don’t ever lose that hope,
don’t lose that fight.

i believe in you,
that you will change the world.
i believe in you
though you’re still a little girl.

try to change the things
you know are wrong.
try to make the people get along.

give them all
a brand new song to sing.
if you try i know
you can do anything.
the world is just a kite,
you hold the string.

i know that you’ll make all
your dreams come true.
i know it because
i believe in you.

i know that you will
always seek the truth.
you have to
’cause i give this world to you.

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