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a poem for my father….

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Lessons Unfinished

I’m hitching a ride on a piece of a dream
with the strength of the tail of a kite.
I’m wondering why I fall asleep to my screams
and who gave the Big Apple a bite.

I crawl from one question to the next in the line
a convoy of unanswered thoughts.
Who teaches the teachers? Why do socks run away?
Why does everything end with a loss?

And my old man’s job was unfinished
when he went off to party with Pearl.
Does he know that I just wasn’t ready?
I guess I am still daddy’s girl.

I put the questions aside in the corner,
like garbage that needs to go out,
and I hope that someone will read this
and know what I’m talking about.

So I’ll try to move on and I’ll write a new song
that will take me away from myself.
But I still sometimes think
we should’ve had one last drink.
I’d have toasted him….
“Here’s to your health.”

written for Frank Dockstader.

october 8th, 1949 – november 5th, 2001.

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8 Responses

    1. so true, so very true. : ) i missed saying good-bye to my father by less than 5 minutes. now, ten years later, i think even if i had seen him one last time i’d still feel like i missed doing or saying something to him. it’s always unfinished and leaves us wanting more. thank you, i’m so glad you liked it.

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