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I love National Poetry Month….

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April is National Poetry Month. As a poet, I’m required to have this knowledge and not just wait around for someone to post about it on Facebook…. and then look it up on Snopes to see if it’s actually true.
: )

If you have a child, then you may know about all the poetry that happens in April. Even schools who don’t normally have poetry in their classes will seize the day (so to speak) and break out the Shel Silverstein, Dorothy Parker or may snag a local poet to come perform for the kids. I’m one of those fortunate local poets.

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1 year anniversary of Roasting Questions & upcoming shows….

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Photo credits…. Hop West book release ~ by Rodney Smith. Mended Heart artwork ~ by Erin Scholze. Greg Garrison at Walk A Mile ~ by Barbie Angell. Bombs Away Cabaret ~ by Sandy Jones.

And now I’m going to do something which I rarely do….promote myself. Please bear with me, this is not something I do well. Sure, I’m great at letting everyone know which bands and plays to go see, and I’m almost always right when I warn people to buy tickets because a show will sell out, but I am no good at reminding people to come hear me perform.

To further illustrate my point, this is the first time I’ve used my website to mention one of my shows in several months, maybe a year. I have an email list to send out newsletters, but I only sent out one and it was in early 2013. Yep, the shoemaker’s children have no shoes and the girl who loves to promote everyone else never says a word about her own work. read more →

thank you Western North Carolina!

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Barbie Angell

I know I’ve been behind on updating my website, so allow me to catch you up on a few things…. read more →

Bombs Away Cabaret….

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I’ve always been the kind of girl who pushes myself to do things I’ve never done before. When I began writing poetry, I wrote entirely in perfect rhyme. When people started asking me if that was because I didn’t know how to write free verse, I decided I needed to learn. When I began working on my children’s poetry book, I realized I’d never written pieces for children specifically, so I set out to do just that. I’ve performed in front of crowds as small as 5 people and as large as 3,000. I’ve been in front of audiences in coffee houses, bars, schools, auditoriums, bookstores, ice cream shops & parks. I thought I’d pretty much done it all….until 2 weeks ago. read more →

A video from my recent show.

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My undying appreciation to everyone who supported my recent show at Tressa’s in Asheville, NC. Who could forsee the possibility of a poetry event packing a bar on a Saturday night? With a $2 cover at the door, we raised $132 for Grateful Steps Publishing.

If you are unfamiliar with this Asheville publishing house, please visit their site. They are amazing, phenomenal, wonderful….did I mention that they are also publishing my book? If I didn’t, then I really should have.

My book of children’s poetry and illustrations is due to be released in the spring. If you’d like to see the progress we’ve made, please keep watching my “Issuu” site. Pre-sales will also be available soon on a products page that will be added to barbieangell.com. In fact, there will be several new additions to my website soon, thanks to the amazing and talented people at TopFloorStudio.

A great many of these changes are happening because as of March 14th, I will be a full-time writer. This new title is merely coinciding with my successful show and forthcoming book, not a result of these things. It is entirely possible that I will be serving fries at a fast food restaurant in the next few months….and I’m okay with that too. However, since I have found myself in this situation, I’m going to do the best I can to achieve my goals.

And so I leave you with a video from my recent gig. These two pieces were dedicated to Steve Martin.
The first is called “Thank You” and the second is titled “I love you like a leading lady loves Steve Martin.”

….thanks for playing.

love poems….

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I Love You Like a Leading Lady Loves Steve Martin

I’d like to tell you how I feel,
but It’s Complicated.
I know I’m quite The Jerk
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