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my journey to & from illinois for the New Route Theatre show….

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If you’ve read the previous two posts, then you know the story of why I was about to drive to Illinois in the middle of a bitterly cold winter.  If you haven’t read it, hmm….well, I’ll be nice and give you a quick recap of the reason for this 650 mile journey.

A selection of my poetry was chosen by New Route Theatre company’s Phil Shaw to be presented as

Phil Shaw, the director for "And She Said...."

a sort of play.  This was the first time which my work was going to be performed by someone other than myself and I wanted to be in attendance for this enormous honor.

Such a trip required me to be off work for several days and a car which wouldn’t be crushed under the task of driving 1200 miles in less than a week.  My friends and family came through with the money I would need while my mother offered the vehicle and her company for the 12 hours of driving each way.  She picked me up at 10pm on Monday nite full of the excitement of being able to witness her child’s accomplishment.  Teasing me already about the fact that I have the world’s smallest bladder and the subsequent stops we would have to make to accommodate it, we hopped into her 2002 Chevy Cavalier and hit the road. read more →

new “actress barbie”….from mattel.

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i don’t know why, but lately i’ve found myself fondly remembering the days when i used to do theatre. building sets, setting lights, stage managing and yes, even acting. i don’t think i was ever confident enough at the time to be really good on stage. just a little too self-concious i guess. i know that i’d never find the time to be in a play now, but i just keep thinking….maybe someday i’ll get back into the theatre.

for now, i give you some writing inspired by those few years when i graced the stage at lincoln college. if anyone does have a copy of the play that i was actually in….you have my permission to set it ablaze.

thanks for playing.

On the Air
Welcome to your life.
This is what you are.
No fireworks or laser shows,
but you’re it’s only star.

The stage is set. The band is here.
The audience awaits.
The house is packed every nite,
and no one’s ever late.

Sometime’s it’s all a mystery
or a comedy of lies.
There’s drama and there’s action.
Every show’s a new surprise.

It takes place in your surroundings,
and every set’s unique.
We promise and deliver
a new cliff hanger every week.

It’s far better than the soaps.
All the acting is top scale.
And the lobby’s always stocked
with souvenirs for sale.

No script is ever written.
All the characters are real.
There’s always seats available
and admission is a steal

The director’s name is Fate.
The costumes are your own.
The dialogue is witty,
but the plot is seldom known.

Welcome to your life.
The show’s in progress now.
Remember when it’s over
to stand and take a bow.

The Actor
He reaches in
with an artistic grace
and turns my tears on
with the ease of
turning on a faucet,
pauses to ignite my soul
with a match worn
from many performances.
Though it has aged,
the flame is not diminished
or hesitant,
it breathes with the spirit of the theatre,
and illuminates with the urgency
of the final scene.

He reaches in with a tempered hand,
and strokes the wings
of the butterflies inside of my stomach,
pauses to revive my heart,
and I extend my hand,
worn and aching from the ovation
and take his….
with admiration.

written for rhys lovell.

The 16 Anything Club

My life’s a John Hughes movie
played on triple fast rewind.
The quotes I’m always using
are the freeze frames of my time.
But am I really Alley Sheedy?
Where’s the soundtrack for my pain?
Will John Cusack ever kiss me
in the forest in the rain?
Why don’t my parents hear me?
Can I say anything to you?
Does wardrobe make my character?
Why can’t I be “Pretty in Blue”?
Will I ever finish senior year?
I’ve been to more proms than the band.
And what do I do when my boyfriend
isn’t content holding hands?
And who’s my best friend this week?
And who’s my date tonite?
If my life becomes a sitcom,
do I retain the rights?
You’ve got my adolescence,
it’s out on DVD,
but when I become a grown up
what will John Hughes do with me?
My life is one long sequel
that didn’t make the grade.
Playing to an empty house
to fill my waning days.
And people play “remember when”,
and I become the joke.
My life’s a John Hughes movie
that people always quote.

(The movie “Say Anything” was written
& directed by Cameron Crowe, not John Hughes.)

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